What to Do While You Wait

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By Jeff Rutherford

We may be waiting a loooong time for political sanity and public civility to return to America, so I’m tossing out eight ideas to keep us busy helping our countrymen and our great nation while we wait.  They are meant to draw our attention away from distant Washington DC, and back to our own homes and Continue reading

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Plato’s Warning Against Mob Rule

By Jeff Rutherford

Here’s a portion of Book VIII of Plato’s Republic (written in 381 BC), as helpfully paraphrased by Will Durant in his popular 1926 book The Story of Philosophy. The numbers refer to the pages in Plato’s original Greek manuscript.

Maybe this can help us remember again why America’s Founders Continue reading

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Why Can’t We Agree?

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By Jeff Rutherford

Imagine this scenario:

The setting is a candy store.  A child throws a temper tantrum in the jelly bean aisle.  The parent resists at first, Continue reading

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North Korea’s Cause-and-Effect Cycle of Madness – Explained

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By Jeff Rutherford

The brutal dictator Kim Jong-un and his militaristic communist government appear schizophrenic and paranoid that America is out to annihilate North Korea. The totalitarian dictator acts out his apparent paranoia by diverting resources from feeding and housing the estimated 25.4 million people in his country to developing, testing, and demonstrating dangerous nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

This frightening behavior scares the hell out of other nations in the region, elicits warnings and sanctions from the international community including the toothless United Nations, and attracts displays of deterrent military strength from Continue reading

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The Other Team Has the Ball Now


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By Jeff Rutherford

Liberals are freaking out. Many call themselves Progressives. Most won’t say it, but that really means they want ‘progress on the way to socialism’. Unconstrained growth of the federal government to control more and more aspects of citizens’ lives is their goal — their end zone. Most avoid saying their goal is socialism, but it is. Despite no socialist nation having ever achieved sustained prosperity, Continue reading

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Term Limits


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By Jeff Rutherford

There are no good principled reasons to oppose term limits. A bogus reason people on the right use is: “When we get a good fiscal conservative in office, we want to keep her/him there to keep fighting for us.” I say BS….if conservatives can’t keep a good stream of emerging conservatives coming to consistently replace incumbents, we’re not worth our salt.

A bogus reason people on the left use to oppose term limits is: Continue reading

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Debating the Puerto Rico Debt Crisis

The Ed - icon size  Contributed by Ed

The Puerto Rican debt crisis is a complex web with many different threads.  Any solution to the crisis will involve ripples that will leave winners and losers everywhere.  These ripples will be felt for cities like Detroit, Michigan; San Bernardino, California; Stockton, California; and other municipalities.  It will ripple to the states whose fiscal conditions are worst: Illinois; New Jersey; Massachusetts; Connecticut; and New York.

Map of US public bankruptcies since 2010City/county (red) and utility authority (gray) Ch 9 bankruptcies since 2010

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Politicians know the best place to raise revenue is from individuals who will not express their anger at the Continue reading

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Pinky Swear(photo credit)

By Jeff Rutherford

Are you a cheap conquest?  An easy catch?  Will you consent to anyone that promises to be immediately pleasing?  Do you avoid inquiring (or even wondering) about motives, preferring a superficial simplicity?

Or do you make your consent hard to get?  Saved for someone who is committed to respecting you in the long run?  Do you expect your chosen one to reciprocate by showing you solid fidelity and integrity in everything they do – even when nobody is watching them?

Let’s name it the General Law of Human Reciprocity:

In human social selections, your consensual standards set the height of the bar your ‘chosen one’ will try to leap.

Low bar = low results.  High bar = high results.

This rule of thumb about human nature is widely useful, I dare say.  In this article I will apply it to political behavior – of the governed and the governors.  Especially the act of Continue reading

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American History Hijacked by Ideology – The Dangers and the Cure

Jeff Bridges -- The Giver -- 2014 Movie2014 movie:  Jeff Bridges is “The Giver” of historical truth in a sterilized dystopian society
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Intro by Jeff Rutherford

As I have lately been immersed in topics of history, I was especially interested in the most recent issue of Imprimis published by Hillsdale College.  Entitled “History, American Democracy, and the AP Test Controversy,” it’s from a speech by University of Oklahoma History Professor Wilfred M. McClay on July 10, 2015.  The full 3500-word Imprimis transcript delves deeper into the troubles hitting the field of historical research and education — as indicated by the title — including the decline in popularity of books by historians, and the recent controversial changes to the Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) test, which is closely related to the conservative movement’s concerns with Common Core education mandates. Click the above link to read the entire Imprimis article.

Here, I have excerpted less than 1/3 of the transcript, sticking to the more central passages about the role the study of history plays in a free society, and the dangers we face by losing sight of Continue reading

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