God Created Pollsters To Make Astrologers Look Accurate

Dick Morris believes the NY Times poll reporting is biased about 7% towards the President, at least for the recent polling in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia.  He believes that Romney is actually well ahead in Florida and Virginia, and up by 1% in Ohio.  Today he posted an article entitled Why the NY Times Poll Is Wrong on his website.

Overall, he said today that he believes Romney will win by 5-10% in the popular vote, and will garner at least 300 electoral college votes.

To visualize his prediction, I used RCP’s Build Your Own Map page.  If Romney takes all the current “toss-up” states except Michigan and Pennsylvania, here’s what it looks like:

Maybe this is what Dick Morris means.

(photo credit)

God created pollsters to make astrologers look accurate.”  Ohio Governor John Kasich, 10/31/2012


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Jeff believes in the Individual's ability to excel when liberty and freedom of choice are protected. Also believes in the Community's ability to take care of the vast majority of its own issues and needs when the federal government leaves the Community's resources and sphere of control alone. State and local choice produce better results than centralized federal control. https://necessaryandpropergovt.wordpress.com/
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8 Responses to God Created Pollsters To Make Astrologers Look Accurate

  1. As long as there is more red than blue I’m feeling pretty good.


  2. OregonDD says:

    Jeff, Have you watched any of the main stream media shows? Unbelievable bias! They are setting up to contest the vote with these polls. Thus labeling Romney an illegitamate president.


  3. Interesting post, Jeff. I agree with OregonDD, the bias is unbelievable and unlivable. The mainstream media has gotten away with their swift-boating for 12 years now (eight of trying to make President Bush look like the worst President in history, and four of trying to make Obama look like the Savior of America), and they are confident that they can continue without being called on it. I agree with the statement above, as well: there is an undeniably liberal bias in the media and in the polls. I sincerely hope that the transition will be smooth and uneventful…and that it will indeed be a transition. 🙂


  4. laurabarnesmiller says:

    I am confident that Romney will win and I tend to believe with ease. I don’t even listen to the biased media outlets anymore – I find them beyond a joke. There are many other ‘telling’ factors that I count in aside from the polls. One example would be massive crowds that attend Romney/Ryan rallies as opposed to Obama/Biden rallies. One example was a rally held in the Tampa area last month where Obama was only able to garner about 16,000 people – in ’08 it was reported he had nearly 100,000 in attendance in Tampa. And it seems to be the case with all of Obama’s rallies. They couldn’t even fill all of the seats at the DNC. What scares me though is the enormous amount of voter fraud that is happening. That aside, I still believe that Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States. 🙂


    • Corpulent Porpoise says:

      “I am confident that Romney will win and I tend to believe with ease.”

      Comments like this look silly now, don’t they?


      • You’re right, Porp. I wish you’d had time before the election to straighten us out, so we could have deleted all these silly blog posts and voted correctly. I understand better now that you’ve helped me. In fact, I wrote a new article to spread the word to others.

        Thanks for the mentoring.

        – Jeff


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