By the time we reach the dog days of a major election year such as we’re suffering through now, doesn’t the political arena become utterly nauseating?

Will Ferrell’s August 2012 movie “The Campaign” did a pretty good job of depicting the slimy underbelly of politics, in the character of Cam Brady for Congress.  Here’s a sample:

If I had to guess who Ferrell’s real-life inspiration was, I would say Alan Grayson, the reprehensible, hit-below-the-belt Congressman that represented Florida’s 8th Congressional District from 2008 – 2010.  Most notorious for saying on the House floor on 9/29/2009 that Republicans’ health care plan was “Don’t get sick…and if you do, die quickly.”  This guy would say anything, do anything, as long as it was in bad taste – or worse.  Check out as much of this highlight reel as you can stomach:

When Grayson was roundly defeated by an 18% margin in Nov 2010 by Republican Daniel Webster, I thought we were rid of this unprincipled progressive thug.  I’ll bet you did too.  So imagine my surprise about a week ago when I saw this ad pop up in the right-hand margin of my Gmail inbox:

After my lower jaw struck the keyboard, my first thought was “Are you freaking kidding me?”

Turns out he’s running in the newly-formed 9th Florida Congressional District that spans the rural areas like a bent horseshoe around the eastern/northern/western outskirts of Tampa/St. Petersburg, including the good city of Clearwater which I’ve visited many times on business.  The previous version of the 9th district has been represented by Republican Gus Bilirakis since 2006.  Bilirakis had most recently been re-elected in 2010 by a 43% margin, but with the redistricting Bilirakis’s incumbency moved to the new version of the 12th district.

Now brace yourself:  Grayson leads his Republican opponent Todd Long by about 3-4% in the local polls.  Huh?

I don’t understand how the great state of Florida can be able to elect both Alan Grayson and Allen West.  These guys are about as far opposite on the political spectrum as you can possibly get.

I hope one my fellow bloggers, Laura Barnes-Miller, a former political reporter in southern Florida, will favor us with some commentary to help us fathom the mysteries of Florida politics.  Laura, perhaps you can also tell us where to send donated bottles of Pepto-Bismol if Grayson wins.


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Jeff believes in the Individual's ability to excel when liberty and freedom of choice are protected. Also believes in the Community's ability to take care of the vast majority of its own issues and needs when the federal government leaves the Community's resources and sphere of control alone. State and local choice produce better results than centralized federal control.
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4 Responses to Sickening

  1. middleagedhousewife says:

    The Congressional 9th district. Putting the DUH! in Florida.

    Florida is a very politically diverse state. A very large portion of the population have lived the majority of their lives somewhere else and have brought their values with them. There is no state wide political identity like you have in other states. It varies from county to county and even from community to community within each county.


  2. Stargazer says:

    When it comes to politics I’m not at all surprised by liberal Floridians … eg: “hanging chad”.
    I mean wasn’t it just this week that fawning Floridian Obamites (groupies) were yelling… “Hail Obama” … at one of his photo op / camPAIN shows?
    Seriously??? Are you kidding me?
    Give me a break!


  3. Something else that is sickening in today’s liberal-biased media is the cross-over of comedians into pseudo-pundit status. Many liberal TV viewers use such shows as The Daily Show (John Stewart), The Colbert Report (Steven Colbert), Real Time (Bill Maher), etc. as their primary source of news about government and politics.

    With audiences of sheeple and advertisers eager to sponsor their shows, these pseudo-pundit comedians straddle the line between journalism and comedy. They will say virtually anything. If there is blowback from critics, these comedian-pundits just say “I was joking…I wasn’t being serious. It was satire — you know, that great American tradition of satire. What’s wrong with that?”

    Here is a recent example from Friday Nov 2nd on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher:

    Bill Maher Warns Romney Supporters: ‘Black People Know Who You Are and They Will Come After You’

    – Jeff


  4. OregonDD says:

    The mentallity of those who get their opinion from these “comedians” frightens me more than Obama getting re-elected!


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