WSJ: One GOP Lawmaker Shows How to Woo Latino Voters

Remember what I said in a recent article? ““People don’t care what you think, if they don’t think that you care.”
This is an example of a conservative legislator who already understands that, and avoids that pitfall. Enjoy…

– Jeff

Dama Godiva


Photo courtesy of Neil King Jr./The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, center, a New Mexico Republican, visits with ranchers last month near Animas, N.M.

Rep. Steve Pearce is the rarest of Republican Party officeholders, a very conservative Anglo who keeps winning elections from a predominantly Latino electorate.

How does he do it you might wonder…”You just have to show up, all the time, everywhere,” he said. “Most Republicans don’t bother. I do. I bother.”

Many conservatives have been brainstorming and many have concluded that if the party can get immigration off the table, Latinos will give the GOP a new look.

Mr. Pearce agrees, but he contends that changes in policy platforms aren’t enough to reverse the party’s decline among voters like those in his district. Republicans must spend time in Latino neighborhoods with the respectful attentiveness of a small-town mayor.

“We have to sell ourselves,” he said. It…

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Jeff believes in the Individual's ability to excel when liberty and freedom of choice are protected. Also believes in the Community's ability to take care of the vast majority of its own issues and needs when the federal government leaves the Community's resources and sphere of control alone. State and local choice produce better results than centralized federal control.
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