Me In The Media? If Only!

Contributed by “The Ed”

White House Press Conference

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Oh, if only I were in the media.  The questions I would have for our overlords would gladden the hearts of the remnant in America who love freedom that is married to responsibility.  The trouble is that when I ask such questions,I would only get to ask one, because if I was in charge of the questions no president would ever hold a press conference again.

My first question would be:  “Mr. President, your administration has borrowed $5.7 trillion during your first term.  That pace of borrowing continues for 2013.  My question, sir, is how do you plan to pay it back?  After all, sir, isn’t borrowing without the intent to pay it back simply a form of stealing?”

That question alone would get me banned from the White House Press Corps.  The White House would accuse me of saying that the Obama administration is stealing.  The White House Press Corps would be mad at me because they would be kept from hearing the holy writ coming from the White House Press Secretary and the President himself.  So the next time I showed up at a press conference I would have to come in disguise.

Voice muffled by a fake beard and mustache, I would ask, “Mr. President, according to the actuarial tables put out by your Social Security Administration the ratio of workers to retirees has dropped to less than 3 to 1.  Future projections have that trend continuing.  Medicare taxes pay for less than a third of the benefits.  Social security is presently close to even with no interest accruing to the beneficiary.  With the ratio of workers to retirees continuing to drop, how can you sustain all of the federal retirement benefits programs?”

Social Security - worker to beneficiary ratio

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(Incidentally, if you go back even further, in 1950 the ratio was 16.5 to 1, and in 1945 it was 42 to 1.)

Once again there would be pandemonium in the White House Press Room.  Press Secretary Jay Carney would quickly divert the press corps’ attention with pictures of his children; talk about his favorite rock band, Guided By Voices; the autographed copy of his favorite album; Mrs. Obama’s war against obesity and many other things of critical interest that are not political.  And the press would gleefully lap it up.  With fractions like 1/3, compounding interest accrual and actuarial tables, the mainstream media would feel that the math is too hard for the American people.  I would be hauled out of the room for being too negative.  “Always with the negative waves Moriarty, ALWAYS with the negative waves!

Now the Secret Service would be alert for my presence.  I could not get in regardless of what disguise I used.  Perhaps I could entice one of the press corps into asking my question by promising him an autographed copy of “Dreams From My Father”, President Obama’s autobiography.

However I pulled it off, my next question would be, “Mr. President, you call on Congress to assert their power to tax so that the budget can be brought into closer balance.  The American people have the right to property.  Since taxes are ultimately wealth taken from the American people, at what point does the people’s right to own property supersede Congress’ right to tax?”  Another way of asking this is “How much wealth should the IRS take from the American tax payers?”

Self-defeating tax burden

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It is a question that should be asked of every administration.  The American people have the right to know what their government is going to cost them.  Maybe the campaigns should play a game similar to “Name That Tune”:

I can run that administration for $3.6 trillion.

I can run that administration for $3 trillion.

I can run that administration for $2.6 trillion.

OK, Run that administration!

Then Congress would appropriate $2.6 trillion each year and the administration would have to find a way to live within that allowance.  The Congress has mandatory allocations for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security and so on. This so-called “mandatory spending” is expected to be $2.3 trillion in 2014.  That would make the $2.6 trillion allocation impossible to accomplish.  The rest of the federal government including the military would be cut to $300 billion.  (For any members of the mainstream media who read this and avoid math in your publications, I apologize for doing math again.)  The administration would be empowered to reduce the budget including the mandates in order to meet the allowance.

All frivolity aside, these are but a few of the questions that should be asked of each administration.  And they never are.  Why is that?  This article is not really about the government.  It is about the so-called mainstream media, which is decidedly left of the mainstream average American viewer.  The media reports what it feels the American people should know and leaves the rest unsaid.  We live in a world where the emperor wears no clothes.  Nobody in the mainstream press says anything about it.

So why does the mainstream media not want the American people to know what their government is really doing?  Perhaps it is because the White House bullies reporters who do not play by its rules.  Perhaps it is because the media has its own agenda (93% of Washington correspondents vote Democrat).  I would be surprised if there were not a lot of reasons.  What do you think the reasons are?  Why does the press not report the plain truth?

A Rare Candid Statement From The Leftist Media

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Jeff believes in the Individual's ability to excel when liberty and freedom of choice are protected. Also believes in the Community's ability to take care of the vast majority of its own issues and needs when the federal government leaves the Community's resources and sphere of control alone. State and local choice produce better results than centralized federal control.
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5 Responses to Me In The Media? If Only!

  1. Bret Rickert says:

    I love the concept of campaigns as a game of “name that tune.” Imagine that type of campaign, what would the people do without their freebies?. Also, I loved the Kelly’s Heroes reference.


  2. The Ed says:

    I am wondering what people will do without their freebies too. It is really going to hurt when they find out that the economy does not support medicare and SS in a way that allows them to retire at 65.


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  4. Mike T says:

    I know one way to fix the ratio problem above… Logan’s Run for people over 70 🙂 Seriously – people are living longer and having less children… there’s no “conspiracy” to the changes in those numbers… it means we either have to pay out less benefits or raise ss/medicare taxes – those are pretty much the only two options. Since people (aka, voters) won’t put up with the former – I’m pretty sure the latter is coming… simply raising the wage cap on those two taxes pretty much eliminates most of the underrun… yes, that’s a “progressive” solution – but what’s yours? 🙂


    • The Ed says:

      Let’s suppose that a medical miracle happens. Dementia, cancer, stroke, heart attack and diabetes are eliminated. Advances in geriatrics allows us to live to an expected age of 120. This is extreme, but it illustrates that no matter what there are limits to your progressive solution. The obvious solution is the one that I favor. You live longer you have to work longer.

      If you have made your fortune and can retire when you are 21 then God bless you and have a good time.


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