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A Marriage Made In Heaven

 (photo credit) Contributed by “The Ed” In the past I have been vociferous about how evil the divorce of freedom from responsibility is.  It is time to change that and look at the elegant beauty that a marriage of freedom … Continue reading

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Nail On The Head: WSJ – “Can Environmentalists Think?” (By Bret Stephens)

Ever read an OpEd piece online or in a newspaper, in which EVERY word is exactly what you’ve been thinking, and couldn’t possibly be written ANY better by anyone?  You can’t help but blurt out loud, “Yes, exactly!”  And you … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s Legacy: “Mr. Accountable?” Er…Not So Much

 (photo credit) In my articles over the last few weeks, I have been laying the groundwork for this article about my own view of President Obama’s legacy.  Prior to May, I had refrained from pointed personal criticism of Barack Obama … Continue reading

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July 4th Is Reader Participation Time, Folks!

Presidential Legacies…You Make The Call (photo credit) Presidential nicknames are an interesting indicator of the legacy they leave behind – the footprint of their impact on our great country. Are you up to speed on POTUS nicknames?  Let’s find out….

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