Being One Deep

Contributed by “The Ed”

If you play chess, you know the person who can think several moves ahead will beat the person who Winning chess requires thinking aheadonly looks one move ahead every time.  That is because the person who thinks several moves ahead can see not only the immediate consequences of a move, but also foresees the consequences of subsequent moves.  Judging by this criterion, we will never find the next Bobby Fischer in the political halls of Washington D.C.  Our elected representatives never seem to look more than one move ahead.

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The Deep Side Effects of ObamacareTake Obamacare.  As Democrats look only one move deep, they see health care for everyone.  Hurray!  But look a little deeper and you can see much more:

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  1. Government owns the responsibility for your Obamacare, therefore the government gets to decide what your Obamacare covers.
  2. Government creates a whole new bureaucratic layer.
  3. The IRS is in charge of monitoring your Obamacare.  (If that doesn’t scare you nothing will).
  4. Government spends even more money it does not have.
  5. Government has yet another way of picking winners and losers.
  6. By losing responsibility for ourselves, we lose more freedom.
  7. “Free” health care means more demand, but does nothing to bolster supply.  “True” health care expenses borne by taxpayers are necessarily going to go up.

L18 September 2008 - Hank Paulson testifying for TARPet’s not just pick on the Democrats.  The Republicans are just as bad at being one deep.  Take Hank Paulson’s one-deep endorsement of the TARP bills.  As Bush’s Treasury Secretary in 2008, he recommended bailing out the banks to save the financial system.  Woohoo!  But those who bothered looking deeper saw much more:

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  1. Pulling AIG out of bankruptcy was just a pass through payment to Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase banks.
  2. It enabled the Federal Reserve to lend trillions of present and future taxpayer dollars to favored clients.
  3. Banks used the money to buy into the stock market when it was low and sell when it was high, at no risk to them.
  4. Banks made record profits and gave record bonuses to themselves. 
  5. The Federal Reserve bought “troubled assets” from banks that had no business writing those loans.
  6. American people got further into debt to save the banks from themselves.
  7. The perpetrators were rewarded for their perfidy.

Republicans are supposedly the “party of fiscal responsibility”.  If that’s responsibility, God save us from the party of fiscal irresponsibility.  Oh yeah, they are in power now.  They need their “troubled assets” kicked out of office, but there’s nobody in sight who is likely to do any better.

Pelosi encouraged passage of unread Obamacare billThe bills were rushed through Congress without members being allowed time to read through them.  Nancy Pelosi may not be remembered for much but she will be remembered for saying, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.”

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In each case, the aforementioned bills were rushed through Congress without time to read them, for one reason:  Nobody would be allowed to think about them.  With more time to think two moves deep, some would have realized there were very good reasons to vote down the bills.  If the followers in Congress had principles — you know, those pesky rules that guide actions for the little people —  then they might tell the Congressional leadership what they can do with a bill they are directed to support and not supposed to read.

Rushing the process makes perfect sense if you are one of the wise overlords who write and sponsor these overnight wonders.  It is an act of power, the exercise of which is an end unto itself.  But what do we say about the other members of Congress?  What can they possibly gain from all this?

In 2008, my son did not want me to know he was voting for Obama in the presidential election.  He knew that I felt Barack Obama did not even pass the lesser-of-two-evils test.  I told him that in life there are only two types of people who agree with you all the time – those who are patronizing you and those who don’t think for themselves.  I said he did not want to be one of those people, or even to hang around with people of that kind.  It is easy to vote with the crowd.  You do not have to think for yourself.  (He finally left the crowd in the 2012 election.)

My son’s 4-year tangent helps illustrate why Congress would vote for Obamacare or the TARP bills:  It is easier to go with the crowd.  Doing so, the rank and file Congressmen do not have to think for themselves, Freedom is Thinking for Yourselfor defend their reasons.  They do not have to figure out whether a bill is really right for their constituents or the American people.  They do not have to think about whether the bills are constitutional, or about the consequences.

Being one deep, no thought is required and there is an illusion of responsibility belonging to someone else.

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The national debt is one deep, too.  One deep pile of doodoo on the shoulders of our progeny.


About Necessary and Proper

Jeff believes in the Individual's ability to excel when liberty and freedom of choice are protected. Also believes in the Community's ability to take care of the vast majority of its own issues and needs when the federal government leaves the Community's resources and sphere of control alone. State and local choice produce better results than centralized federal control.
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4 Responses to Being One Deep

  1. Joey says:

    I think it all goes back to Jeff’s post on who owns the power, and right now the judicial and congressional branches seem to have very little power to keep our executive branch honest. How can the voices of people be heard when the executive branch controls all the social reform groups?


    • The Ed says:

      Hi Joey,
      Congress and the Supreme Court lack power because they surrendered it. Congress writes laws that give the executive branch the right to write regulations which have the effect of law. Presidents write executive orders and neither Congress nor SCOTUS object. The executive can write their own search warrants and Congress writes the law allowing it. Congress surrendered their power of the purse when they refused to write a budget and decided that everything has to be funded at or above the level of last year.
      Our executive has become a bureaucratic dictatorship. Congress and SCOTUS have passively blessed the transition.


  2. bullright says:

    Good article, and so right on that going with the crowd notion. Unfortunately the crowd pulled it again in 2012. But in both times I remember people saying it will not(cannot) happen. Yet it did. People thought they were doing the cool thing. It should be a lesson about “cool things”.


  3. The Ed says:

    It was passed illegally but it was blessed by the SCOTUS anyway Our government has been hijacked.


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