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Using Judo in a Political Conversation

(photo credit) Judo, a Japanese martial art, was introduced in 1882 by Jigoro Kano.  Among the various martial arts, Judo is one of the “soft techniques” in which a defender, with very little exertion, uses the attacker’s momentum against him … Continue reading

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Nail On The Head: “The Fruits of Epic Incompetence” (By Charles Krauthammer)

Nationally syndicated opinion writers are the icons of novice political bloggers.  They effortlessly weave their wordcraft — with clarity, originality, perfect timing, and booming reverberation.  Reading one of their gems instantly makes the pen in my hand feel like a … Continue reading

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Too “Discouraged” to Look For Work? Excuse Me?

 (photo credit) I recently read a short 50-page monograph entitled American Exceptionalism – An Experiment in History [1], from a terrific series published by the American Enterprise Institute.  Written by Charles Murray, this monograph dissects the original “exceptional” elements that … Continue reading

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