Put Your Big Boy Pants On, Democrats

Contributed by “The Ed”

Juan WilliamsInsurance cancelled? Don’t blame Obama or the ACA, blame America’s insurance companies.”  That is the title of an editorial by Juan Williams of Fox News.

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Further in the editorial he says “You should be blaming your insurance company because they have not been providing you with coverage that meets the minimum basic standards for health care.”

Here is Juan’s apparent logic:  The insurance companies should have upgraded the policies.  They should have added more coverage.  They should have done this without cancelling the policies that were in force.  And they should have done all this without charging any of the massive increase that the actuarial tables would require.

In other words, the insurance companies were supposed to eat the entire cost of Obamacare themselves.  Really?  In a (supposedly) free country?

Insurance companies cannot be expected to do all this without restructuring the coverage.  In the real (non-utopian) world, what Obamacare did was to require raising the coverage in the places that they thought it should go, and forced higher insurance premiums and deductibles to be charged.  That requires a different insurance policy – and lots of them.  Low income folks qualify for taxpayer-funded subsidies to defray their higher costs.  Never mind soaking the (relatively few) rich…this liberal brainchild is now soaking the many many members of the middle class.

I have to ask the following questions:  Juan, have you read the bill?  The bill is only 974 pages long.  More importantly, have you read the regulations that ensued? 

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Obamacare regulations taller than Iowa Senator Chuck GrassleyIt is very difficult to know what the length of the regulations actually is.  In the Washington Post the regulations have been estimated to be 9625 pages so far, with another 7342 pages in the works.  You can bet that the insurance companies have read the regulations.  Juan Williams might have been one of the few who read the ACA, but I doubt it.  And since he clearly hasn’t read all the regulations, how can he say it’s the insurance companies’ fault, unless he’s repeating somebody else’s agenda?

Juan Williams is a cheerleader for the Democratic Party.   This means that he will present the Democratic Party talking points and neglect everything else.  He hit on the salary of the Aetna and Cigna CEOs.  He made spurious comparisons between the ACA forcing policy cancellations and the dumping of toxic waste.  And of course, he said nothing about the higher costs that would have forced people out of their policies if they had not been cancelled.

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Obamacare costs placed on middle class backsThe Affordable Care Act  was supposed to bring more people under the health care umbrella.  It was not supposed to knock people off the insurance they had.  The ACA forced the situation where health insurance policies were cancelled so that the recipients would have to buy into Obamacare.  Then the recipients of the cancellations could not get on the non-functioning health care website to order their new and improved Obamacare. Notice that Juan Williams also forgot to mention the biggest debacle of Obamacare – getting a policy similar to what policyholders had before is costing a lot more in premiums and deductibles.  Details, details. 

In a world where freedom and responsibility are linked, people own their actions and they own the results of their actions.  The ACA was passed by the Democratic Party.  It was passed without any buy-in from the opposition.  It was passed even though the majority of Americans did not want it passed.  It was passed without the rank and file members of congress being allowed to read it.  No matter what, the Democratic Party owns the ACA along with any consequences that happen because of the ACA.  So far the results do not look good.  Hence the leaders of the Democratic Party are obtaining exemptions from the ACA for their cronies.  Now Juan Williams and the rest of the Democratic Party would like us to blame the insurance companies for one of the many disasters that ensued from the ACA. 

Juan Williams might convince the liberal faithful it is the fault of the insurance companies.  But I am an infidel to the religion of liberalism.  I believe in maintaining the link between freedom and responsibility.  Liberalism runs counter to that belief. 

So my message to Juan Williams and the rest of the Democratic Party is a harsh one to anyone seeking to disconnect freedom from Put your big boy pants on DemocratsresponsibilityThe Democratic Party must put on their big boy pants and own the ACA.  No whining, no excuses.  The Democrats own 100 percent of the stock in the ACA.  It was their action and they must be responsible for it.  The ACA is a bad law.  The Democrats make a tacit admission that it is a bad law when they grant exceptions to the law to their cronies.

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The foul ups that have resulted from Obamacare belong to the Democratic Party and it is their responsibility to fix them.

Otherwise, it is our responsibility to give them the boot in the next election.

It was only a LITTLE lie!  Period. It was only a LITTLE lie - period

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Jeff believes in the Individual's ability to excel when liberty and freedom of choice are protected. Also believes in the Community's ability to take care of the vast majority of its own issues and needs when the federal government leaves the Community's resources and sphere of control alone. State and local choice produce better results than centralized federal control. https://necessaryandpropergovt.wordpress.com/
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7 Responses to Put Your Big Boy Pants On, Democrats

  1. Soduhson says:

    Juan Williams once suggested that there was a conservative media bias… Let that sink in.


  2. Naphtali says:

    yea, I was appalled when he said that. I keep hoping the conservative base of fox and friends will rub off on him Beckel, and the other dems on there who I believe know the truth but are afraid to admit it.


  3. The Ed says:

    If they are afraid to admit it then what does that say? It says that people who they are afraid of do not bear the responsibility to be tolerant of other viewpoints.


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  5. bullright says:

    They are very good at placing the blame. It doesn’t have to make sense.


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