7 Responses to Planting the Roots of a Liberal Talking Point

  1. bullright says:

    Ryan did an excellent job in explaining it. That is what infuriates: he [Obama] claims to cut while spending more.(domestically) Why is that so hard to get across to voters? Every time he says these cannot be uncoupled, look out. If genuine cuts were lowering the deficit it would be one thing.

    So then, we have to play it the same way. Say ‘those defense cuts are going to pay for more reckless special interest projects. He’s funding his schemes on the back of our military.’ Plus they still have 16 billion allocated, unused in their green agenda account. (on top of the millions that evaporated already) Planting is the perfect metaphor.


    • I inserted a clarifying word in your comment above, Bull. Hope you don’t mind.

      Click the link at the bottom of this reply to see a great Feb 26th article in National Review Online by David Horowitz. It contains the following passage which matches your sentiment exactly:

      Whenever a Republican and a Democrat square off it’s like Godzilla versus Bambi. They call us racists, sexists, homophobes, and selfish pigs, and we call them . . . liberals. Who’s going to win that argument? They spend their political dollars calling us names and shredding our reputations; we spend ours explaining why the complicated solutions we propose will work and why theirs won’t. But when you are being called a racist, an enemy of women, and a greedy SOB, who do you think is listening to your ideas about the budget? Who is going to believe you when all your motives are ulterior and degenerate?

      This is the problem that not only Republicans, but also tea partiers and conservatives, have failed to address. It is why the Democratic party, which supports policies that are morally repugnant and have also failed on an epic scale, still wins elections. Medicare is bankrupt and a mess; Social Security is bankrupt and a mess; the War on Poverty is a trillion-dollar catastrophe that has created worse poverty than it was designed to cure — and yet Democrats can still win elections, and can pass the biggest socialist entitlement and redistributionist scheme ever and get away with it. Until Republicans and tea partiers start to fight fire with fire, this scenario is not going to change. Twenty-five years after the most oppressive empire in human history collapsed because socialist economics don’t work, 49 percent of American youth, according to a recent Pew poll, think socialism is a good system. That’s a political failure on our part. We won the Cold War, but we didn’t drive the stake through the Communist heart. As a result, the vampire of “social justice” has risen again.

      See Why Republicans Need the Tea Party by David Horowitz.

      – Jeff


      • bullright says:

        Yea, it makes the case. I still assert that we need some simple soundbites instead of long explanations to get through. Unfortunately, that is what people listen to. But there are ways of condensing it. So it’s a political campaign not a dissertation.


        • Again, you’ve reminded me of something, Bull. Item #39 on my list of the Headwinds Against Conservatism is:

          “39. It’s easy for liberals to express their ideology in terms of “fairness” and “equality of outcomes” via 30-second video bites and 6 word bumper stickers. It’s harder for conservatives to express their response to such oversimplified assertions — we need 10-15 minutes.”

          What you’re saying is that we don’t NEED 10-15 minutes. We should shorten our sound bites to compete better in the Twitter era. I hear ya.

          – Jeff


  2. bullright says:

    I like that article, he finishes it strong. Can John and Mitch get the message? Maybe if their job is on the line. If we win in 14 it won’t be because of their “biz as usual” philosophy.


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