5 Responses to Instead of Obamacare

  1. The Ed says:

    I have been looking for something like this. Thanks, Jeff


  2. Interesting. I haven’t heard of them before, but I’m going to look at some of their videos.


    • TC (and Ed),

      Through their website, by now you’ve probably found the 5:37 minute video that pretty much lays out their charter…but if not, here it is:

      I first heard this co-founder of The Party of Choice website, Andy Peth, on a Denver radio talk show on Oct 16th. (That’s also where I heard the “Obamacare in 4 Sentences” email that I posted in my previous article here.) Here is the link to the podcast of that interview, which I highly recommend. It’s even better than the 5-minute video above because it’s a live interview which runs for the first 16:45 minutes. To me, it has some great themes and recommendations to explain conservatism effectively to young voters who don’t realize their future is screwed if Progressives stay in power.

      Click here for the 850KOA radio, Mike Rosen show podcast for 10/16/2014.

      – Jeff


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