Vote Yourself a Tax Cut at the Pump

PumppiggyBy Jeff Rutherford

Have you ever seen gas prices FALL during a period of extreme turmoil in the world, especially the Middle East?  I haven’t.

But that’s exactly what we’re seeing this year.  Admit it – it’s a breath of fresh air for your household budget when gas drops below $3/gallon.  For my family, the difference between $4 and $3 per gallon is more than $1600 per year.

That’s enough to partly offset the higher premiums and higher deductibles I will be paying again next year under the loss of choice that was imposed when Obamacare took control of nearly 20% of the U.S. economy.  Obamacare is the main reason my family’s purchasing power continues to fall despite the supposed economic recovery.  But that’s another story.

Why are gasoline prices dropping?  From Investor’s Business Daily,  here’s the big picture:  It is because the Middle East’s oil exporting countries who dominate the membership of the OPEC oil cartel can no longer manipulate the supply spigot that drives prices on the world market, like they have traditionally done for decades.  And why can’t they?  Because the United States has now surpassed Saudi Arabia as the #1 oil producer, and surpassed Russia as the #1 natural gas producer in the world.

“[T]he underappreciated reason for this bullish turn of events is the U.S. energy revolution and the technologies that made this all possible.

Thanks to horizontal drilling and other smart drilling technologies, we have unlocked a treasure chest of shale oil and gas and other unconventional domestic sources, so America now has an almost unlimited supply.

[This is due in part to] …oil and gas from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota and the South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (SCOOP), where [advanced U.S. extraction technology has] created tens of thousands of jobs and driven the unemployment rate to the lowest in the country.

Meanwhile, oil and gas output in Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Pennsylvania has more than doubled in six years.

What all this means is that America is no longer a bit player in global energy production. Now our country is well-positioned for energy independence by the end of the decade and then for world energy supremacy for decades to come.”

Here are some facts you don’t hear from the left-leaning network news anchors at ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, or CNN:  The leap ahead towards U.S. energy independence has occurred while the average world temperature has not increased since the late 1990s, U.S. air and water quality continues to steadily improve, the world’s polar bear population has dramatically increased, and the combined Arctic / Antarctic ice fields are increasing — not shrinking.  Yet the climate change alarmists still clamor for drastic policies that would worsen the heavy-handed government regulations, strangle America’s economy, and hinder overall job growth.  The “crisis” of climate change is a political fraud.  And it’s promoted by the coalition of the Democratic Party.

In effect, you have the power to choose whether you’ll continue the trend of this $75B/year “energy tax cut” which you can save right at the gas pump.  Vote against the Democrats who want to clamp down on their control of energy policies to double down on overzealous environmental red tape that has long since achieved the goal of a clean environment in America.  We don’t need more controlling regulators – we need more choice for entrepreneurs to start more businesses and post more Help Wanted signs.  That is what would turn around the decline in the average American household’s purchasing power.

Your Republican candidate represents the true Party of Choice in America.  Choose the candidate who belongs to the coalition of “strength through choice.”  It’s time to replace the Democrat incumbents who belong to the Party of Control.

The Party of Choice(photo credit)


About Necessary and Proper

Jeff believes in the Individual's ability to excel when liberty and freedom of choice are protected. Also believes in the Community's ability to take care of the vast majority of its own issues and needs when the federal government leaves the Community's resources and sphere of control alone. State and local choice produce better results than centralized federal control.
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2 Responses to Vote Yourself a Tax Cut at the Pump

  1. tannngl says:

    Excellent and right on time!
    We’re in Pa and the prez and his party are trying to tell us that all the oil and gas drilling in this state need to pay more taxes to the state for ‘education’. Ha! They mean for public union pensions. And these drilling companies already pay loads of taxes to our state. Dems actually want the drillers to LEAVE this state because if their revenue isn’t enough they will stop drilling.

    What fools. Well, they aren’t fools at the top of the progressive movement. They are on target to move us all ‘forward’ with them. It’s the ‘useful idiots’ in the party who vote and whine for the progressives to move their agenda forward with out any thought of any kind. It’s called faith. Heretic faith.


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