Slaves To The Collective

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Contributed by Ed

I saw Jeff’s article Election 2014 Through a Kaleidoscope which included a quote about Republicans from New York Congressman Charlie Rangel: “…Some of them believe that slavery isn’t over and that they won the Civil War.”  What Charlie Rangel said resonates because it has a grain of truth, but not the way Charlie implied.  Let’s look at what makes slavery evil.

1.  Someone else owns the fruit of your labor.

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The Infernal Residue ServiceThe IRS lays prior claim to the fruits of your labor.  Just look at your paycheck.  The IRS takes Income tax, Social Security tax and Medicare tax and then we get the rest.  The highest marginal income tax rate ever seen in the U.S. has been 94% in 1944.  Today the top marginal rate is 39.6%.  Once you reach that magic income the federal government lets you keep 60.4% of the fruits of your labor, and then your state and local governments start grabbing more.  The control over what your share is belongs to the government, not us. At what point are we free individuals and at what point are we slaves to the collective?

2.  Someone else owns your body.

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Victims of forced sterilizationForced sterilization can only happen with the sanction of government codified into law.  This happens in states where the elites in government have decided for you that you are making too many children for the good of the state.  This can only happen if the state’s right to control of your body overrides your claim to control of your body, as with a 1924 Virginia state law and many others at that time.  Isn’t that what ownership is all about?  Forced sterilization can only happen through the power of the state.  That is an increase in the size of government.

3.  Someone else owns your children.

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Kids belong to the collective - Melissa Harris-PerryThis is why freedom and responsibility have to be joined at the hip.  When you make children the responsibility of the community they are not yours.  They belong to the community, with community being another way of saying the collective.  No, Melissa Harris-Perry.  My child is my responsibility.


4.  Someone else owns the responsibility for your welfare.

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Like puppies in a kennelWhen someone else is responsible for your welfare, your welfare concerns him or her only to the degree that it benefits him or her.  The love that drives this concern at the family level does not exist at the collective level.  When the state makes people dependent on the state, the state claims responsibility for them and, in effect, owns them.


5.  Someone else controls your life, deciding if you can marry.

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Bi-racial couple deported from CanadaAnti miscegenation laws happened under democratic controlled legislatures, such as in Canada in 1913.  It also happened under Nazi control.  (The Nazis were socialists.)  Here in the U.S. removal of the anti-miscegenation laws took power away from the state and therefore shrunk government.



6.  Someone else controls where you are allowed to go.

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Escaping East Berlin to visit Munich Playboy ClubThis happened under Nazi control and it happened at the Berlin Wall under Communist control.  It  can happen here if the state is allowed to grow out of control.




7.  Someone else controls what you should know.

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Common core - glorious vision for collectivist futureThe progressives in both parties have worked hard to control what people know through the media and through our public schools.  People’s behavior is controlled by what they know or think they know.






This is the nature of slavery.  Slavery sanctions unwarranted control of individuals.  Does it really matter whether the slave master is an individual or the government?  Government is too big when it provides the legal framework for slavery and its attendant evil to exist.  Government gets bigger by instituting different methods of enslaving its citizens.  Here is the ultimate irony:  Charlie Rangel is bitter and vitriolic about the fact that he is a descendant of black slaves, and he is in favor of bigger and bigger government, which can only get bigger by having the collective enslave the individual.

Big government is not our savior.  If we do not hold it in check, it will be how our children and their children will be enslaved.


About Necessary and Proper

Jeff believes in the Individual's ability to excel when liberty and freedom of choice are protected. Also believes in the Community's ability to take care of the vast majority of its own issues and needs when the federal government leaves the Community's resources and sphere of control alone. State and local choice produce better results than centralized federal control.
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5 Responses to Slaves To The Collective

  1. Ed, your comments couldn’t be more appropriate or timely. This is something we should all keep in mind. No matter what the government calls it, by any other name it still amounts to slavery.

    Melissa Harris-Perry says it all about the current thinking toward children (and pretty much everything else) in her statement, “We haven’t had a very collective notion of ‘these are our children’, so what we have to do is break through the private idea that kids belong to their parents.” The collective notion? For me, that’s a huge NO.

    Excellent article!


  2. Jim says:

    I really liked this article. It reminds me of one my favorite liberty explanations
    The right to control your body and to control your thought and speech go even further than you outlined here. The new government takeover of healthcare and the governments uneven enforcement of recreational drugs comes to mind when thinking about how we have so little control over our bodies. The upcoming government attempt to turn the internet into a public utility which it can control would be a death-knell of the freedom to think and learn.


  3. The Ed says:

    Thanks for your reply, Jim. You have hit a number of subjects. Let me see if I can address each of them.

    It is true that our right to control our thought and speech go further than I have outlined. The you-tube video you referenced mentioned that we are responsible for ourselves. Freedom and responsibility are a marriage made in heaven ( ) and a divorce decree from hell. I believe that to keep our freedoms we have to emphasize our grasp on responsibility. Freedom exercised without responsibility has historically been used as the excuse to take freedom away. People who exercise freedom without responsibility are no better than spoiled children. And isn’t responsibility without freedom another evil of slavery? This is why I sympathize with libertarians with the emphasis on responsibility.

    My body my choice should be: My body my responsibility.
    My child my choice should be: My child my responsibility.
    My money my choice should be: My money my responsibility.

    Thus, while I accept the fact that there are legitimate reasons for taking drugs, I do not take them for recreation because I cannot take recreational drugs and be responsible when high.

    Government takeover of healthcare is a way of turning over our responsibility for ourselves to the collective. It is another step toward enslavement to the collective.

    Government and the mainstream media are in lockstep with each other so that press secretary has become a de facto cabinet post. The press is no longer free. This is evident in the fact that the same narrative can be heard irrespective of which channel you get your news from. There is a lot on the internet that I do not care to see or read or hear, but I would not have it any other way. Allowing the government control of the internet would be another blow to freedom.


    • Jim says:

      Agree. It’s not just the government grasping for power but sadly a large number of Americans willingly trade freedom so they don’t have to be as responsible.

      I in no way support drug use, but its none of my business to tell others how to live their lives. However, it is a critical point that if people do chose to use drugs they (not society) must be responsible for their medical problems.

      The de facto control and coordination of the media makes it all the more necessary to scrutinize the information we receive (another responsibility), which many people do not undertake.

      Your clarion call for responsibility is at the heart of almost every problem we face in this country.

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