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Left and Right Worldviews on the Iran Deal

Intro by Jeff Rutherford Twice recently I have shown Dr. Thomas Sowell’s side-by-side comparison of the Left’s vs. Right’s conflicting instincts about how best to maintain international peace.  Advertisements

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Rare Earth Elements: How the U.S. Shoots Itself in the Foot

Contributed by Ed Being an engineer, I love to talk about rare earth elements (REEs).  I can be very chatty about the magic of their F orbitals, what it means to their quantum mechanical properties, and so forth.  I have … Continue reading

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Due Process of Law, #3: Cicero and St. Thomas Aquinas Preserved Aristotle’s Flame

Statue in Aristotle’s Park at Stagira, Greece (photo credit) By Jeff Rutherford [Part 1 was called “Can a Law be Unlawful?”] [Part 2 was called “What Makes a Government’s Actions Legit?”] As I try to plow this field of the … Continue reading

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