The Other Team Has the Ball Now


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By Jeff Rutherford

Liberals are freaking out. Many call themselves Progressives. Most won’t say it, but that really means they want ‘progress on the way to socialism’. Unconstrained growth of the federal government to control more and more aspects of citizens’ lives is their goal — their end zone. Most avoid saying their goal is socialism, but it is. Despite no socialist nation having ever achieved sustained prosperity, it remains their Utopian dream.

But the other team has the ball now. The Conservatives’ end zone is in the opposite direction, encouraging prosperity via smaller & simpler government. To sustain prosperity, Conservatives believe in shrinking (though not eliminating) intrusive regulations and excessive taxes on brave and bold small businesses and individual citizens, letting each person’s natural appetite for personal improvement lead America to prosperity.

Truly underprivileged and destitute people deserve a targeted safety net in an affluent society, but that net must not be managed so loosely that able-bodied people take advantage of too many disincentives to working and earning their own keep. There are way too many such able-bodied and able-minded freeloaders — that’s why Utopian socialism can never work.

Conservative fiscal policy intends to get the government mostly out of the way so small businesses can flourish and create more jobs for those able-bodied folks to join in a stronger economy. Liberals have a thousand talking points designed to refute the advantages of small government and exaggerate the shortcomings of free markets.  But their team doesn’t have the ball right now. They had 8 years of micromanaging every aspect of the economy, and they never achieved even one year of 3% GDP growth. They averaged just 1.48%.  All their words aside, that fact speaks for itself.


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Want an early indication that there is a new feeling of business and worker optimism since the election? Investor’s Business Daily had this to say yesterday about the January Jobs Report:

“The Labor Force Participation rate, the broadest measure of labor demand, rose two-tenths of a percentage point to 62.9%, its highest level in four months. For those who argue that the labor force is ‘too tight,’ a big increase in labor force participation is the answer.

Even more heartening, however, is that by the household survey — a separate poll of households, rather than businesses — full-time employment hit a record high in January, rising 457,000 in the month to 124.705 million. At the same time, the number of part-time jobs plunged by 490,000, a sign the “part-time” economy may be nearing its end and a “full-time” economy taking its place.

The household number includes small businesses and startups not counted by the payroll data. So it’s a positive sign that the very small business sector is creating jobs in anticipation of real economic growth.”

If Liberals are watching to see if Conservatives offer comprehensive government-imposed solutions to health insurance, energy markets, financial institutions, education, etc, they’ll definitely be disappointed, and then they’ll be sarcastically critical. They’ll say, “See, the GOP doesn’t have any comprehensive solutions for how the government will control everything.” Well of course they don’t. They’re guided by a different vision of growth and prosperity that’s not so centrally managed by elite masterminds.

True Conservatives (excluding many moderate Republicans, unfortunately) believe in the huge strength of private enterprise and individual liberty. They believe that government doesn’t encompass THE WHOLE SOCIETY. Government is only a PART OF SOCIETY — and a subordinate part. The society is us, all of us, including private enterprise and individuals making their own choices. I don’t want to be as tightly controlled and forced into conformity as during the last 8 years.


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About Necessary and Proper

Jeff believes in the Individual's ability to excel when liberty and freedom of choice are protected. Also believes in the Community's ability to take care of the vast majority of its own issues and needs when the federal government leaves the Community's resources and sphere of control alone. State and local choice produce better results than centralized federal control.
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12 Responses to The Other Team Has the Ball Now

  1. David Myre says:

    Jeff – what I have realized is that all of my life the left has been screaming in my ear trying to convince me that fundamental truths about government, mankind and religion are some kind of sham. I am more resolute than ever to follow my own mind and not be influenced by the forces of anarchy and socialist totalitarianism.

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    • There are polished talking points for every Progressive principle. But if you see your way through the practiced rationalizations, what they’re always comparing is their vision of a FUTURE UTOPIA to the Conservatives’ realistic appraisal of the PRESENT REAL WORLD. Fundamentally, it’s their dream vs. our philosophy that it’s best to let normal human nature seek prosperity on its own by mostly staying the hell out of the way of individuals that aren’t harming each other.

      Good to hear from you again, Dave.
      – Jeff


  2. gruundehn says:

    Interesting quote by Churchill. I’ll have to remember it.

    While the ball may be in the conservatives court, it is not completely so. Yes, President Trump is driving his agenda but the House and Senate are not on board, in some cases not even figuratively. The political elite in Washington are not two parties, but two slightly different versions of the same party. The Establishment will find ways to prevent the reduction of the Federal Government because they have too much power and power is addictive, and an aphrodisiac.

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    • I agree. That’s why I always try to talk about Conservatives, not Republicans. I hope there evolves a beneficial kind of check & balance dynamic between the White House and the Congress…..meaning I hope truly Conservative legislators keep Trump from going astray with his populist protectionist trade instincts, and I hope Trump keeps shaking the Establishment tree to dislodge the rotten status quo coconuts. It will be extremely interesting to watch, for those like you and me that understand there are various sub-species of politicians that aren’t what they appear to be.
      – Jeff


    • gruundehn,

      This morning’s Bulls & Bears panel on Fox News had an exchange (from 06:45 to 08:00 in this clip) that is pertinent to your point about the Establishment of both parties always defaulting to just giving the people (their voters) what they want regardless of the suicidal economic impact of spending-spending-spending.

      Yes, we’re a representative Republic, but so many voters are economically illiterate that it’s dangerous to our future. They “want” things and they vote for politicians who promise those things. That’s like a toddler being allowed to pick his parents, and choosing parents who will give him all the candy and soda he wants. Is that really good for the toddler? Objectively — no, but the toddler thinks so.

      In conjunction with the bold steps that a unified Conservative government will hopefully take in the next few months, there needs to be a Reagan-style running narrative of the why’s behind these actions that are shocking the left so badly. What needs to happen is for some strong and articulate conservative leaders in the Executive and Legislative branches to stand up and regularly explain why loose fiscal policy is bad for the longevity of America. Gradually, I hope that an improved business atmosphere and job market will give credibility to these leaders in the eyes of the naive average American voters who are addicted to instant gratification.

      By the way, the entire 9-minute segment is interesting to watch. The host is obviously a fiscal conservative, as were 3 of the panel members — the most articulate always being Gary Smith. Then there was Jonas Ferris (middle-bottom on the split screen) who seems to lean left while being a bit coy about his positions. And then there was the obligatory Obama cheerleader leftist pundit in the upper-right on the split screen, there to serve as a piñata for the conservatives. Pretty entertaining, and illustrative of the ideological divide in this country today.

      – Jeff


      • gruundehn says:

        Jeff, it isn’t just economics. The population is woefully ill-informed on most issues. And as a result, most voters (or at least a significant percentage) vote merely on what letter is behind the candidate’s name. And even if the voter wants to be properly informed, time constraints will limit the ability of the voter to learn what is needed. By time constraints I refer to the fact that people are just too busy with the details of ordinary life to spend a lot of time learning the issues. There are a few who do so learn but they are the few.

        Christopher Cole
        First Vice-Chair Pima County Libertarian Party
        Libertarian Party Representative Pima County Election Integrity Commission

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  3. Bullright says:

    And now to keep from getting sacked….even from our own RINOS. Game on.

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  4. Tricia says:

    Excellent analysis with this post. Things are shifting in the country in interesting ways. I know some moderate Democrats who are optimistic about Trump and absolutely appalled by the way the far left is treating his young presidency. If his worser instincts on trade and protectionism can be tamed he stands a good chance of success. Bonus play if he stays off Twitter.

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  5. David Reilly says:

    I will believe it when two regulations really do disappear for every one written. I will believe it when the government actually shrinks. I will believe it when the nanny state gets smaller. I will believe it when entitlements shrink. I will believe it when government costs less.

    I still hope they move the ball.

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  6. Citizen Tom says:

    And the economy continues to surge. If we can whittle down Obamacare and get some tax cut/reform, it could be a good four years.

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  7. Pat says:

    Churchill clearly had the right view! As a battle toward achieving the right balance, it should be obvious that debate should be centered around persons no longer alive rather than those who are to prevent taking sides of publicity seekers, and with the benefit of hindsight! A much better way of achieving end results without appeasement!


    • Interesting statement Pat. I’d love to understand more of the context in which Churchill said this. Can you please share a link? I’m not sure I get what he meant by “debate should be centered around persons no longer alive,” but if I saw the context perhaps that would help.
      – Jeff


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