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The Other Team Has the Ball Now

(graphic credit) By Jeff Rutherford Liberals are freaking out. Many call themselves Progressives. Most won’t say it, but that really means they want ‘progress on the way to socialism’. Unconstrained growth of the federal government to control more and more … Continue reading

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(photo credit) By Jeff Rutherford Are you a cheap conquest?  An easy catch?  Will you consent to anyone that promises to be immediately pleasing?  Do you avoid inquiring (or even wondering) about motives, preferring a superficial simplicity? Or do you … Continue reading

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American History Hijacked by Ideology – The Dangers and the Cure

2014 movie:  Jeff Bridges is “The Giver” of historical truth in a sterilized dystopian society (photo credit) Intro by Jeff Rutherford As I have lately been immersed in topics of history, I was especially interested in the most recent issue … Continue reading

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Due Process of Law, #4: America’s Founding – The Capstone of the Age of Enlightenment

1818 painting by John Trumbull First draft of the Declaration of Independence being presented to the Second Continental Congress By Jeff Rutherford [Part 1 was called “Can a Law be Unlawful?”] [Part 2 was called “What Makes a Government’s Actions Legit?”] … Continue reading

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Left and Right Worldviews on the Iran Deal

Intro by Jeff Rutherford Twice recently I have shown Dr. Thomas Sowell’s side-by-side comparison of the Left’s vs. Right’s conflicting instincts about how best to maintain international peace. 

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Rare Earth Elements: How the U.S. Shoots Itself in the Foot

Contributed by Ed Being an engineer, I love to talk about rare earth elements (REEs).  I can be very chatty about the magic of their F orbitals, what it means to their quantum mechanical properties, and so forth.  I have … Continue reading

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