Video Archive 5

This is a list of video material featured in the articles on Necessary and Proper Gov’t, and videos that commenters have mentioned.  Enjoy.


5/15/2013:  Video pair called “The White House Dance Secretary.” Play the first two simultaneously.  🙂

Jay Carney Spends 7 Minutes Ducking Questions on the Benghazi Talking Points Process

Carney: Benghazi Happened a Long Time Ago

Clinton on talking points:  What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?

Caught Red (Sprinkle) Faced



The Economic Argument Is Over — And Paul Krugman Won

Henry Blodget at Yahoo Finance - The Daily Ticker



Al Sharpton at Midwestern State University (9/30/2009): Question on Affirmative Action in Today’s Economy



Obama’s $9/hour State of the Union Minimum Wage



Biden: We Have To Spend Money To Keep From Going Bankrupt



The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative



For GOP, NM Rep Steve Pearce Points Way Forward With Hispanics

Rep. Steve Pearce (R, NM) - earning Hispanic votes!9406E87B-2729-4777-9253-682DDBD22D47



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