Video Archive 6

This is a list of video material featured in the articles on Necessary and Proper Gov’t, and videos that commenters have mentioned.  Enjoy.



Larry Reed – “The Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy”



Nancy Pelosi – What she is willing to do to pass Healthcare



American Soldiers and Their K9s



Are Conservatives More Tolerant than Liberals?


4/15/2014:  Video pair.  Click play on these two simultaneously.  🙂

Three Dog Night – Liar



Secretary Clinton: ‘It’s Time for Assad to Get out of the Way’

Obama and Erdogan: Syria’s Assad Must Go



Jon Stewart Blasts President: Obama Learns About Scandals by Watching the News?

Bill O’Reilly, Charles Krauthammer Tear Apart ‘Bystander President’



Obama… “Transparency and the Rule of Law Will Be the Touchstones of My Presidency” 1/21/2009



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